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AQUACEL® Family of Dressings

Much More Than Just a Foam Dressing

AQUACEL Foam 5 Layers - High RES

AQUACEL® Foam dressing is powered by Hydrofiber® technology which:

  • Absorbs wound fluid and creates a soft gel, maintaining a moist wound environment
  • Locks in exudate through vertically wicking, reducing the risk of maceration*2
  • Helps minimize pain while in place and during dressing changes 3-6

AQUACEL® Foam dressing is designed for:

  • Exuding wounds
  • Use as a primary dressing on shallow wounds
  • Use as a secondary dressing on highly exuding wounds
  • Use for a skin protection as part of a comprehensive protocol of care

Resources: Demonstration videos to see AQUACEL® Foam in action

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