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At ConvaTec, we are passionate about serving and supporting people with challenging medical conditions. We actively listen and respond to their needs: demonstrating deep empathy and using the insight we gain to develop and to share innovative and trusted solutions. 

Ostomy Product Selector

As part of our efforts in supporting healthcare professionals, we have developed a product selection tool that will help you to provide “personalized care plan” by providing the right solution with the patient assessment tool for caring your patients , which will help Rehabilitation after the stoma surgery, then improve the quality of patients’ lives.

The product selection guide can be easily accessible by on-line.

Product Selection Algorithm

Product Selector Tool assesses patients’ stoma condition based on 4 factors:

The algorithm aims to select the right skin barrier in Ostomy bag to achieve its key objective - “Skin Protection” for Stoma patients

How it works

Stoma Height, Stoma Angle and Abdominal status are assessed to select the right convexity.

Requirement for different types of convexity depends on the degree of protrusion or retraction, status of the abdominal plane, and the position of the stoma opening.

Choose your patient’s Stoma profusion

Choose your patient’s Stoma angle

Choose your patient’s abdomen shape

Choose your patient’s Stoma Shape

Product selection

This assessment tool will guide you to check key factors affecting skin protection, mainly the stoma protrusion, abdomen shape, Stoma angle, and stoma shape.

With just one click, you can access the product information on the ConvaTec website, and find out more about the products suggested to you for your patients, depending on the characteristics of their stoma.

You can also send your connection request to our ConvaTec’s customer specialist. Our experienced staff will reach out to you to explain more about ConvaTec’s products.

ConvaTec’s uniquely developed product selection algorithm will suggest the most suitable Ostomy product for your patients, from ConvaTec’s wide variety of product portfolio

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