AQUACEL® Dressings

Reach for the right dressing for all the right reasons.

AQUACEL Extra Layers

Help manage chronic wounds by keeping exudate in check, fighting infection and defending against pain with the AQUACEL® Family of dressing - powered by  Hydrofiber® Technology.

Protect your patients with AQUACEL Extra®*

  • Protect the wound bed2
  • Lower risk of peri-wound maceration3
  • Reduce wound pain and pain during dressing changes2,4,5
  • Maintain a moist wound environment6
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With over 20 years of innovation ConvaTec's Hydrofiber® Technology gives AQUACEL® dressings powerful capabilities.

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Resources: Watch the enhanced absorbency & strength of AQUACEL® Extra™ dressings in action

AQUACEL® Extra and Ag Extra
Absorbancy Demo
Strength Demo vs. Durafiber